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Cedrick Dehaney

Founder & CEO

Based out of Philadelphia, PA Cedrick covers quite a bit of ground. His specialties are portraits, weddings, events and documentary photography. His Career began when he started TwinSounds Multimedia Group, a company specializing in audio, video production, design and photography. Specializing in multimedia allowed Cedrick to be more innovative and creative while exploring the different forms of photography.

Malcolm Howe

Photographer/ Print Specialist

Malcolm's love of photography started with film over 30 years ago & has carried over into the digital photography era. He has expanded his creative boundaries in photography with years of experience in wedding, event, portrait, landscape, and real estate photography. Malcolm is a creative work horse who prides himself in being inventive in each field of photography.  


Malcolm's ultimate goal is to collaborate with each client to bring a powerful vision to life. With his wide breadth of experience and his drive to continuously create and improve, his clients are always satisfied. 


Sheldon Richardson


When it comes to creating art, the 1000 Words that value a picture is taken literally. Sheldon aspires to create awe inspiring conversational images that evoke profound sentiments as well as convey a story that can have individual esoteric meaning to each viewer.


Leslie Mairs


Leslie prides herself with having a diverse shooting portfolio. From beauty portraits to music festivals, she has an innate love to create. Leslie's story telling shooting style will be the perfect touch to your special occasion. 


Tracee Deberry


Tracee has been interested in photography since the times when your only camera choice was one that used rolls of film as opposed to todays cameras that use memory cards. Her interest in photography has grown to be a passion and over time has developed into professional photography of  people, landscapes, and nature. She does a lot of traveling and her camera is always her constant companion. Tracee finds satisfaction when she gets home and sees the beauty that she has captured with her camera. Tracee always strives for perfection, taking pictures that can be proud of whether for personal use or for clients. 

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